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We are blind until we see,
That in the human plan,
Nothing is worth the making,
If it does not make the man.

Why build these cities glorious,
If man unbuilded goes?
In vain we build the world,
Unless the builder grows.

Edwin Markham


Thank you for your interest in Physician Search Services with CMA Physician Recruiters!

  • CMA is a hybrid retained and contingency physician search group headquartered in Dallas, Texas.
  • CMA is comprised of a new class of physician search consultants who are equipped with a comprehensive knowledge of the healthcare industry and an unmatched level of search and negotiation experience, mostly from years of service in the executive and medical search fields.
  • CMA is a specialty search firm, in that it restricts its searches to only high-caliber, high-reward physician vacancies, while similarly working with the nation's finest possible physician and surgeon candidates.  Selectivity is the name of our game.
  • For the past seven years, our group has successfully placed hundreds of physicians and surgeons into prominent and rewarding medical practices.
  • Our technology team and system is unparalleled in the industry with an extensive database of facilities/groups that contain specific  demographical, educational, and personal data on over 625,000 actively practicing MD's and DO's in the United States.
  • CMA has project teams of consultants that search by geography, specialty, and/or client objectives depending upon the demands of the search.
  • CMA proactively contacts thousands of physicians for every retained search via concurrent mail, internet, and tele-prospecting campaigns.
  • In keeping with good business ethics and mutual trust, CMA communicates openly, actively and honestly with both candidates and clientele during the recruitment and interview process to ensure the most accurate exchange of information possible.
  • Proper representation of today's physician requires a fully integrated management team with expertise in image building, marketing, partnership formation, contract negotiation, licensing, taxes, and law.  To the best of our abilities, we will educate both the candidate and the client on critical information relevant to the recruiting and transitioning process.
  • CMA continues work with both candidates and clients until their respective needs are met, either in filling the search or securing a position.


CMA will provide complete agency services to its physician clientele
with creativity, honesty, loyalty, and professionalism. Our services will be
provided with attention to every detail and sense of urgency required while
maintaining a positive interpersonal relationship with our clients. The
services we provide will focus on the individual needs of both our clients and
our physicians we represent. We are truly the only solution for proper physician


  CMA will pay $1,000 CASH for any physician referrals leading to a placement through and with our firm! Please see the $1,000 CASH section of this website for more.

CMA Physician Recruiters, LLC
16135 Preston Rd
Dallas Texas USA 75248
Toll Free